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Oh yes then there is the YouTube factor that will put you on top of what ever category your products fits into.
We can come to you if you are in the Southern California region,
(travel time applies) or you can bring your vehicle to us.
Or we can work the mini DV tape you shoot, photos you take
and the vehicle facts you send us in Word or e-mail text.
Check out some of our videos we have done for our clients below.

Our video fees start at $250.00 flat rate PLUS Ebay costs.
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Note: One of the secrets to a happy YouTube experience is to do this:
Click Play, THEN pause it right away for a minute or so (depending on your connection speed)
so the video will play smoothly all the way through. (Just want to help, Larry)

This Is The Intro For A Very Cool Jeep
We SOLD it on Ebay $9K over Blue Book ($25,400)

Here Is The 2006 Jeep Wrangler Close Up

2008 Mercedes S550 on Ebay

Short but REAL Cool

Here's the 40 Ford Details.
It sold and went to Italy!

If you ever wanted a COOL
Old Harley THIS was the one:

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